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“ISTA training has dramatically improved my daughter ‘s soccer skills and ability to perform on the field.  Attention to detail, repetition and a hard work ethic are all skills and traits which are now part of her game due to ISTA training.  Could not be more thankful and appreciative.”  – D. Tolli

“For the past couple of years our daughters have been training with the ISTA.  Through this time we have seen their overall development as soccer players steadily improve.  I want to thank all the trainers in the ISTA for taking the time to organize and implement such a high quality training program.” – M. Ianelli

“I have two daughters that are being trained by ISTA. One daughter has been playing for three years and the other one has been playing for a year and a half. Tommy is a dedicated, passionate trainer and coach who really cares about the players and their individual development. My daughters have learned a lot about the game of soccer from both a technical and tactical viewpoint and Tommy is also great with adding additional practices for those players who wanted them.”

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