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Tournament Rules

6 v 6 Tournament Rules:

– 6 players total – 5 players on the field plus goalkeeper (10 players max on the roster)
– No slide tackling
– No punting – goal kicks and throws only
– Kick-ins only for out of bounds – no throw-ins
– No offsides
– Yellow card: 2 minute penalty
– Red card: player ejected from tournament plus 5 minute penalty
– Coach misbehavior: ejected from tournament
– All fouls committed outside the penalty box will be indirect kicks
– Any fouls committed in the attacking penalty box by the defending team will be FIFA penalty kicks from 12 yds, except for balls passed back and picked up by the keeper. These will be indirect from the nearest spot on the penalty arc.
– Goal kicks can go over the midfield line
– No injury or stoppage time, unless there is a serious medical emergency
– Substitutions on any restarts “on the fly”
– In the group play, ties will stand. In the playoffs, there will be a 5 minute golden goal period, followed by FIFA penalty kicks, with 3 kicks instead of 5

Point System:

3 points will be awarded for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss. Teams will also get one point for every goal scored up to 5 (ex:3 points for the win + 5 points for 5 goals scored = 8pts total)

The tie-breaker will be the following criteria in preferential order:
– head-to-head results. If 3 teams are tied once a team has been selected as the division winner, the remaining teams move onto the next tie breaker (goal differential) and so on.
– goal differential, max of 5 per game
– goals for
– goals against
– penalty kicks

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