Training Programs

The ISTA training programs focus on advancing the players’ soccer development so they may compete more effectively with their current travel, elite, high school, or college team.
Groups and exercises are divided by age and ability level to target and amplify each player’s individual potential.

Professional coaches and trainers work closely with each player on strategic and technical aspects of the game, leading to enhanced technique and decision making skills on the field.

Emphasis is placed on tactical footwork drills including (but not limited to): shooting, finishing, passing, receiving, speed and agility, and small-sided games. The ISTA camps and clinics are specifically geared towards challenging and elevating the players’ individual potential and team building in a fulfilling and fun atmosphere!

ISTA also offers small group (4-6 players) and large group (8-12 players) training clinics, whereby professional trainers customize the curriculum based on the targeted goals of each group.

Please note that ISTA does not provide refunds, only credit for future programs **

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Specialized Group Training

Please contact for more information.

Individual Training

Often, a player demonstrates a specific need that could be difficult to address in the larger team training context. Private one-on-one sessions can zero in on these distinct needs in a challenging way, and the session can be altered based upon individual strengths and areas of concern. Please contact for more information and to develop …

Team Training

ISTA provides team training for players of all ages and levels, whether it be a recreational or a high level premier team. Depending on your team’s specific needs, our elite trainers and coaches will come to your team’s location once or twice a week to train for 1-2 hours. Your team’s training curriculum will be …

Goalkeeper Training

Goalkeeper is a very specialized position within the game of soccer. Small group sessions with expert ISTA Director of Goalkeeping will focus solely on the complete development of each goalkeeper using a modern and holistic approach. Specific concentration is placed on the unique strategic and technical demands of this special position. ISTA offers 1v1 personal …

Kinder Soccer

Research has shown that participating in sports provides children with enhanced self-esteem, self-discipline, health, leadership and coping skills. Through playing soccer and other sports, children gain confidence, problem-solving skills, and respect for others. Kinder Soccer is a fun program designed for boys and girls ages 3-6 as an introduction to the exciting sport of soccer! …